How to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple in India?

Several virtual currencies are available in the market since years, but they have recently gained much popularity in India. Main reason behind this increased attraction towards cryptocurrencies is due to sudden spike in their price which raised public eyeballs all over the world. Major point of attraction is bitcoin which has surged from $1000 to $19000 within just one year.

Multiple platforms are operating in India through which you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. A platform having facility to trade more than one cryptocurrency is also referred as currency exchange. This is a similar to stock exchange where you can buy or sell various stocks. The stocks are stored in demat account, similarly cryptocurrencies are stored in currency wallets.

Buying any cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, etc. can seem little scary for the first time but it is just as simple as registering in any shopping cart, authenticating the registration and placing new order. Follow these four simple steps to accomplish this:
  1. Find a cryptocurrency wallet provided by portals like Zebpay, Unocoin, Ethx, Koinex, etc.
  2. Create an account within the selected portal and complete KYC.
  3. Transfer fund from your linked bank account.
  4. Place order to buy cryptocurrency.

These wallets offer referral programs through which users gain small percent of cryptocurrency as a welcome bonus on registering to their platform. So register to these platforms using the referral links available here:
  • Zebpay and UnoCoin are two popular mobile apps that can be used to buy or sell bitcoins using indian rupees of your bank account.
  • website can be used buy ethereum at cheaper rate.
  • can be used to buy bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin and bitcoin cash.
  • can be used to buy ethereum, ethereum classic, ripple, litecoin, dash and iota.
  • can be used to buy various cryptocurrencies.

New concept of crypto community platform are also catching public interest now-a-days due to their commitment of very high monthly returns from either lending, staking, mining or trading of tokens provided by them. Detailed analysis should be done before investing in such community platforms.

Few crypto community platforms that are growing at faster pace are shared below:
  • BitcoinPower - open source crypto community platform with multiple investment opportunities
  • BitConnect - open source crypto community platform with multiple investment opportunities
  • Crypterium - digital cryptobank with credit subtoken and open platform

Few upcoming popular ICO (Initial Coin Offering) are:
  • BitConnectX - new variant of BitConnect
  • Storiqa - crypto marketplace that connects one million offline stores worldwide
  • Upcoin - new generation crypto exchange
  • Beconnect - upcoming lending platform with return upto 56% per month
  • Adverx - advertising revolution based on real-time bidding

What is Cryptocurrency and how to buy them?

World is evolving rapidly and so is the mode of exchange. Each country has their own currency but when trade is to be done across borders, then there is no common currency and so transaction has to be leveraged upon Dollars which is again the currency of US.

Digital technologies have virtually connected the world via internet. Blockchain is one such technology through which decentralized digital currency or virtual currency has came into existence. These virtual currencies are nothing but timestamp based cryptographic identities generated using very distinct algorithm. These algorithms are very secure and keeps detailed traces of each transaction within Blockchain ledgers. This has made economists and technology experts rely on virtual currencies generated by Blockchain technology. As these currencies are generated digitally using cryptographic algorithms, they are also known as Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that came into existence from 2009. After its worldwide acceptance various other virtual currencies were launched with little enhancement over bitcoin. Till the end of year 2017, there were more than 100 such virtual currencies in existence out of which few popular ones are Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA and BitcoinPower.

Each physical currency has a code: USD for dollar, EUR for euro, INR for rupees, etc. Similar code is applied for virtual currency: BTC for bitcoin, ETH for ethereum, LTC for litecoin, XRP for ripple, etc.

Similar to stock exchange available for stock market, there are several apps and sites that handles currency exchange along with currency wallets.

Even though virtual currencies are not yet made legal by most of the countries, but multinational enterprises have started upgrading their applications to accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of exchange. US and Japan have started using cryptocurrencies since long and other countries are also working on this digital revolution to tie it their taxation policy. Government of India has warned their citizens that transactions in cryptocurrencies are not legal, but they have not said that these transactions are illegal. Government has given clear indication that they are amending their taxation policies to restrict unauthorized inflow/outflow of funds so that such transactions can be legalized.

Though it is not necessary to start doing transactions in cryptocurrencies on immediate basis, but it is better to keep account ready to operate it whenever opportunity grows. Here is a list of few exchanges where cryptocurrencies can be bought in Indian rupees:
These are two mobile apps that can also be kept handy:
Open source, peer-to-peer, community driven decentralized cryptocurrencies are also available that allow people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency, and even earn a substantial interest on investment. This means anyone holding such currencies in their wallet will receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain security of the network. Below two lending plans gives guaranteed returns of around 40% monthly:

Ad free Chrome to arrive soon

Use of internet is flourishing each day as laptop and mobile users are increasing exponentially. This has led to increase digital marketing industry business.

Google has plunged into digital marketing since long time and also earns lot of revenue from Adsense. With the help of ads banners, the revenue is generated by either CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Impression).

More than 70% of mobile devices operate on Android having Chrome as default browser that very well supports ads banner. However this support is so extensive that there is no facility to restrict such ads. Few Chrome extensions are available that can be used as ad-blocker up to some extent.

Some websites are loaded with unpleasant ads that makes browsing experience uncomfortable. To overcome this concern Google has decided to upgrade Chrome to restrict ads while surfing. This decision of Google has created storm in digital marketing industry as their business is on the verge of getting ruined, however Chrome users have greeted this decision with open hands.

The upgrade of ads free version of Chrome is planned for roll-out on February 15, 2018. This version will block all low quality ads but will allow "Better quality ads" that pass Adsense quality checks.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is located in the center of Gujarat and is surrounded by various historic and natural beauties. Eastern region has Pavagarh hills, Western region has white desert, Northern region has dense Polo forest whereas Southern region has Khambhat seashore.

There are many tourist places near Ahmedabad to plan and explore for short trip within 50 to 500 km. Few picnic spots are collected here based on routes.

Ahmedabad - Dharoi dam route (Total distance of 167 km to cover all places):
- Swapna Shrushti Water Park - 50 km
- Amarnath dham – Cave temples - 50 km
- Mahudi - 66 km
- Tirupati Rushivan - 74 km
- Sapteshwar - 90 km
- Tarnga Hills - 128 km
- Dharoi dam - 138 km
- Derol Jain temple - 149 km

Mehsana - Patan - Siddhpur route (Total distance of 170 km to cover all places):
- Shanku’s Water Park - 60 km
- Modhera Sun Temple - 99 km
- Patan Rani ki Vav - 127 km
- Sahastra Ling Talav
- Siddhpur - 161 km
- Bindu Sarovar
- Bohra Havelis
- Rudra Mahalay

Viramgam - Patdi - Dasada - Shankheshwar route:
- Thol Bird Sanctuary
- Bajana
- Patdi - Kharaghoda
- Zainabad
- Shankheshwar

Nalsarovar route:
- Maniar’s Snow World
- Splash Water park
- Kensville
- Nalsafari Resort
- Nalsarovar Lake

 Palitana route:
- Ganpatipura
- Lothal site and museum - 80 km
- Velavadar Blackbuck National Park
- Palitana - 215 km

Pariyej - Khambhat route:
- Pariyej Road and Lake
- Kanvel Lake
- Khambhat Chowpati
- Khambhat Sikotar Mata Temple at sea
- Dhuvaran - Mahisagar Temple

Baroda route:
- Ajwa dam
- Pavagadh hill
- Champaner
- Poicha
- Hathnimata Waterfall
- Jambughoda
- Sardar Sarovar dam
- Kabirwad

Dakor route:
- Siddhivinayak Mandir - Mahemdabad
- Dakor Temple
- Galteshwar Mahadev
- Balasinor Fossil Park
- Wanakbori Dam

Rajendranagar hill station - Shamlaji route:
- Rajendranagar Hill Station
- Shamlaji Temple
- Meshwo dam

Polo Forest route:
- Idariyo gadh
- Guhai dam
- Polo forest
- Ambaji

Gir - Somnath route (Total distance of 500 km to cover all places):
- Chotila - 170 km
- Girnar - 320 km
- Junagadh haveli - 340 km
- Devalia Safari Park - 374 km
- Gir National Park - 410 km
- Somnath - 415 km
- Diu - 353 km

Reliance Jio launches websites for JioCinema and JioTV

Reliance Jio has created digital revolution in India after the launch of free unlimited 4G network. This attracted users to surf videos from their mobile on-the-go.

Mobile internet users increased ten folds in just few months along with sharp rise in sales of 4G mobile handsets.

Reliance Jio provided a bunch of useful apps within MyJio bundle. JioTV and JioCinema are two most popular video streaming apps out of these. As these apps are mobile-centric, and so users were restricted to mobile and couldn't access them on bigger screens. The only alternative to this was to emulate the mobile device on the computer, but it is too technical oriented and not easy for non-technical users. Bingo to Jio users to know that web version of these apps is now available !!!

Reliance Jio made these web versions available silently without much marketing and so users are still not aware of this provision.

Click here to open the web version of JioCinema
Click here to open the web version of JioTV

To use these websites, you have to login with your valid Jio ID and password. The interface of these websites are identical to the apps. These websites can be accessed using WiFi or any other network. So now with your mobile hotspot you can not just access internet on bigger screen but also connect to web version of JioTV and JioCinema.

The mysterious Voynich manuscript

Voynich manuscript is one of the mysterious manuscripts that is not yet decoded. No one knows who wrote this book and for what purpose but the carbon dating determines its existence came in 13th century.

This book is preserved in Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript library. Dozens of medievalists and cryptologists are studying this book every year but are not yet able to decipher itIt is also believed that the content of this book was ciphered by retouching text and drawings.

Content of this book consists of scripts with illustration of plants, stars, female expressions and chemical secrets. Though the content of this book is well organized, but annoying point is that this 234 pages book has empty cover i.e. neither author name nor the book title.

Various assumptions for the purpose of this book includes:
  • Early discoveries and inventions by the 13th century written in the encoded form.
  • Nonsense written by a medieval quack, to impress leaders.
  • A rare prayer book not destroyed by the inquisition, written in a pidgin version of a Germanic/Romance creole.
  • Meaningless strings of characters cleverly composed for monetary gain.

Encoding of this script is done to some extent and it is believed that below alphabetic format is used:

Whole book is available in digital form and can be explored here. This is one of the sample page of this book:

Buy your new domain from Google

Lot of hosting providers are available online, but they are either not evolving with trend or are highly priced. Google has also started domain hosting services and targets to earn good revenue from this business by binding it with advertisements.

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